Friday, April 30, 2010

goin' along..

So, while Ed and I work our tails off, finishing up this house project... the the "tails" of others find the sunny spots and "chill".. need a comfy spot to sit, take a look around and see where Hunter is...(or any of our pets) they always know the best spots in the house!!!

Yesterday, I was back up stairs, painting once again. This time I am working in our bedroom.. Sadie and Abbie's rooms are done. Since our room gets "sun 24/7" I wanted a soft color here.

Hard to tell that it's even painted, but the color is call "wicker"... love these fancy names for paint colors... it's basically a shade of beige, but it works... everything has needed two coats of paint, so I will have to go over this again tomorrow.

A "sign of done-ness".... pulling off the blue painters tape that has protected the beams... and then putting the covers over the electric boxes. Every time I get a room done, these are the next finished things I do.... it also helps me keep track of "where" I am!!!!

While I have been doing all this painting, Ed is now working on trimming out the windows!!!! This took a little figuring because the walls in this house are thicker than "traditional homes" (due to the beams).. but he's got it on a roll now. Rick had some trim boards left over from when they built their house (five years ago) and has offered them to us!!!! (what a blessing!!!)... so Ed went down and looked thru the pile. He's making all the window frames out of them....

We also found it will be easy to paint the frames before going into place. So, Ed will get them made up ahead, and I can paint them "on the floor". This will be very nice because I won't have to "worry" about those freshly painted walls getting covered with trim paint!!! Can't wait to see these in place.

this picture is for me!!! just a reminder that a year ago, the house looked very different from now!!!!!

We have doors and windows!!! Real walls, that are now painted, and (hopefully) in just a few weeks... floors and maybe a kitchen!!!!

Looking from the living room into the sewing room - last year....

and this year. It really is coming.... I'm just getting anxious......