Friday, March 07, 2008


I am patiently waiting for "him" this morning... our friend, "normal" will hopefully pay us a visit and decide to stay for awhile. We have missed "him" these past couple of weeks, and when he does arrive, I shall "offer him a comforty seat and serve him a fine meal" . Yes, "normal" would be very nice to have back.... and I am sure that Ed is even more anxious than I am!!!

The "second" procedure was yesterday, where they used ultra sound to "blast" this horrid kidney stone that has ruled our lives!!! I brought Ed home for the hospital, feeling rather "woozy"... but after a good lunch and some rest, he really began to perk up, and last evening, I can say, was some what back to him old self. He reported that most of the pain was gone, that "other things" were working much better, and he even tried to call Ken and see if anything has been going on with the barn. (that's a huge improvement!!! he hasn't talked or thought much about the barn lately!!!!) He is still snoozing as I write this blog this am... but I have a feeling that today is going to get back on an even keel!!!!

Now, please don't misunderstand me... our list of "all the good things that has happened" is very long!! and we are greatly blessed!!! There are so many things that "way could have been worse" with regards to this "bump" in the road, but, we certainly will be happy to have things just go the way they were headed!!!!

On another note... this is a quilt!!! and IT is DONE!!!! it has quite a story to it, and I have been very eager to share it!!! (does it seem like everything in my life has a story or do I just make them up so I have something to write on my blog? interesting question!!!) ANYWHO..... my dear friend Shirley plays "flyball" with her dogs (actually I used to with Moxie and Trevor).. and when you go to a flyball tournament, you can often get a t-shirt.
Shirley had collected a number of t-shirts and one day asked me if I thought I could make them into a quilt.... "sure, of course I can" I quickly answered (when will I be a little more careful about that sort of thing??)

So, she brings me a bag of t-shirts. I pulled them out, took a look at all the different colors and designs, different sizes, and began to think, "what I am going to do with these?" I pondered on it a while, gave up and stuffed them back into the bag and put them away for another time. Every now and again, I would haul them out, study them awhile, and put them away. I combed thru my quilting books, looking for ideas, checked out other quilts at the county fairs in the fall, nothing seemed to "hit the bill"

Shirley was great. She never bugged me about the quilt, every now and again, she would ask if I had made any progress, and I will pull the shirts out again.... but still not much happening. This past winter, she asked if there might be a chance that the quilt could be done for the upcoming spring tournament that her team hosts. I was now determined that I would come up with some pattern and get this done!!!!

Once again I pulled out the shirts and said they weren't going back.. this time, they were going into a quilt. My search for a pattern got serious. Then, on New Year's Eve when we went to L.L. Beans, I saw a quilt on display... (a very pricey quilt I might add) and all it was .. was strips of cloth about 2 inches wide and all different lengths and colors.. it was beautiful!!! BUT, even more important, it was the pattern that I had been searching for!!!

Since all the t-shirt designs were different sizes, I needed a pattern that would give me some "fudge factor" and the strips would be perfect for that!!! I went to my "dog stash" of material and picked just four pieces... I didn't want the quilt to be too busy, but I did want it interesting. Suddenly I was ready and this was going together.... expect for one little glitch. T-shirts stretch and don't stay stable. After some pondering on that one, I decided to fuse the t-shirts to some sturdy cotton and that problem was solved, the quilt came together quickly.

I brought it to Shirley the other evening.... I think she was pretty pleased with it..... I was...a promise kept and a challenge done... that makes for a good day....