Thursday, September 06, 2007


This is it... Becker College, where "our" Sadie is now a student!!! I still find it hard to believe that she is actually there... not that she shouldn't or couldn't be there... but for all of her high school years, Sadie always told us... "don't expect me to go to college". We never "expected" our girls to do anything that wasn't right for them, we are well aware that each person makes their own happiness in life, and basically, if our girls are God-fearing, good citizens, self supporting and doing what makes their lives full and happy.... then, we have done "our job".

But, last winter, when Sadie's High school mentor, encouraged her to look at the college route, and study what interested her... the story took a big turn around, and "we" went from..."never going to college" to " I hope they accept me"... and so "they" did.

Sadie is taking a two year, associate degree in "animal science"... which pretty much includes some Vet. Tech classes, small business courses, a kennel management class, obedience and grooming. Basically when she graduates, she could look into a number of different fields in the animal world, and then again, she might discover something more and chose to continue her education.... either way, it's a great start and I think that if the opportunity had been there for me, it would have certainly been something that I would have considered. (I already pawed over the books she had to buy for her classes!!!!)

She moved in on Tuesday, the campus is very small and very friendly and I had no reservations about "leaving her there". Sadie was a little nervous, because she shares her room with three other girls, and that will certainly take some getting used to and compromising... but, as of the phone call this evening all is going well. She also had her first two classes today, and said that she is going to enjoy them..... she said the "kennel management class" was great fun, and she expects to learn a lot there. (I guess they do a fair amount of work with greyhound rescue...... just what "we"

I also know that she must certainly be "enjoying her freedom" and being out from under my thumb..... it's just a "mother thing" and though I have tried very hard over the summer to "lighten up"... I haven't been very good about that. At college, it's all on her own, and the only things that I will know about... are the things that she chooses to tell me. But, it's OK, and I am doing OK with it. I have also made a point of asking her basic questions, and not going into my mother's mode of ..."you should or you need"... big steps for me!!!!

So, here are our girls... basically.. all grown up and out there in the world..... and now the next chapter begins... because for the most part... it's back to being just "sue and ed"....................................