Thursday, April 12, 2007

purple heart

Just before Nate's unit packed up to head out, we were all honored to be guests at a purple heart ceremony. A young marine in Nate's unit was wounded on his last tour in Iraq. Since his family and several others of us, were all there to see them off... the corps thought it would be a good time to make their presentation.

I was moved to tears during the whole thing , so I can only imagine how his family must have felt. And after he received his medal, I wanted to jump up and cheer, but that's not the way of the Marines....... one thing that was very carefully noted, is "a purple heart is not something we strive for.... and we don't say congratulations when awarding one.... we simply say Thank you".... I was very touched by those words...

After the ceremony, it was packing up time... leave it to Kas to get right in there and help out!!! She certainly backs Nate and supports him in every way, shape and manner........

A "hurry home/stay safe" hug

"I'll be waiting for you......"