Friday, February 22, 2008

"more done"

What is it with me, traveling to Acton and snow!!! The last few trips that I have made "north" have always been on snowy days. Even Ken made a comment as I pulled into the farm this morning.... "knew you were coming when I saw the snow falling"... oh well, I got that great big truck and four wheel drive, so it isn't any big deal... but, I hope that when I go up in August won't be snowing!!!!!

So, the barn work is going full steam ahead despite the winter weather....

the hayloft is empty this winter, but that WON'T be the case next year!!! though I keep telling Ed....

it would make an awesome training room!!!!!

As you can see, the men are working on the shed roofs that will protect the stall doors. I can just see the horses hanging out under them on hot sunny days.. or rainy days.. or snowy days... or... well, you get what I mean.

Sadly, what we ordered for steel roof for the shed's is not long enough, so Ed has to place another order for that!!!! It's about the first big "goof" that has happened, not bad with a big project like this... so, it might be just a little bit before the roof is actually finished...Ken says it's going to make the barn look huge...

I think it already looks huge!!!!

When I got back from Acton, I packed up the piggie family and ran them over to the vets to "find out what they are"....

the verdict is in... they are ALL GIRLS!!!! ( and that came from first, second and third opinions!!!) This news makes me very happy because now I don't have to be in a worry about separating them anytime soon!!!! They are such a happy little family all together, and I just couldn't think of how I would have to split them up... but, now I don't have to worry about that just yet.....


this little piggie

The three little piggies are getting quite big!!! We make a practice to hold them everyday.. since their Mommy is so skiddish, I don't want the babies to pick up on that..... this is the one that is my favorite!!! I am hoping this is a "she", so that I can keep her and have her live with her Mommy. Piggies do better if they can live with another one... but, of course, one must be careful about having two piggies together!!! :o)

I called the vet the other day, and I am going to run the babies over sometime and have the girls there help me decide who is who. They all think it's pretty funny that we "bought one, and got three free!!" I just told them that my family are "bargin shoppers".

Now, all this "piggie holding" leaves one cat in a very foul mood. Dancer is my lap cat for sure, I never can sit without her jumping up and cuddling in.... doesn't matter to her if I am quilting, knitting or cross stitching... It is understood that I make room for the cat!!! She is invited to join piggie and me... but, I guess that goes against cat nature and "she isn't going to be caught sitting with a piggie!!!"

I never worry about her or Mona hurting them... course, I don't give them the chance either, but for the most part, the cats have little to do with either the piggies or the bunny..... (and the fact that bunny is probably bigger than either cat!!!)

but, its pretty obviously that she is put out with me by the looks of this picture!!!!