Thursday, November 25, 2010


I find it so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is here again. Another whole year has zipped by, and when I take (get) a minute to think about it, I just have to marvel at how quickly the time has gone. So many things are just the same, and so many things have changed in a year's time. Last year, we were still living at the camp, and this year we are settled into our new home. Last year, we had Chester and this year, it's Ginger!! Abbie was just a baby, and now we have a toddler!!! And we are so blessed that all our family is together, because I know many families who are "celebrating" for the first time without some of their loved ones. That is one thing that I will never take for granted.

Earlier in the week, I had pulled out one of the turkeys. This is the third one that I have cooked since we moved in. "He" is last of the really big ones, the ones that are left are smaller. We will certainly finish this batch of birds this year, so I would assume that next spring it will be back to turkey raising once again. I got up around 5:30 to get this bird into the oven, I had planned on going back to bed, but with the house quiet , I made some coffee and just enjoyed the early morning hours to myself.

And what is Thanksgiving without the Macy's Parade... no, we didn't go, this picture was taken of the the TV... it was a fun parade to watch. Once in a while, some parts of it caught Abbie's attention, but it was really the adults that sat and watched.

I can't get over at how quickly Abbie has grown in just this year's time. Last year, she was like a "little sack of potatoes" and this year, she is a real little person. She has gotten quite good at entertaining herself and really enjoying her toys.

It was so much fun to cook in my kitchen this year, and put on a big spread for the family. The dining room was filled to the brim with both food and family.

My parents, sister Rachel, John and Naomi.. John's Mom Faith and sister Lynn and then Ed, Sadie and myself. Abbie was with her Dad, brother Bill wasn't feeling well so he didn't come, and Kas and Nate went to Nate's family this year.

We had a wonderful time, and everything came out perfectly (even if I do say so myself)

After dinner we had a grand visit together and enjoyed dessert. We talked about the Thanksgivings of the past, and made plans for the Christmas holidays. Naomi enjoyed having a "new" puppy to play with. Ginger is working out very well, and loved all the attention that she got.

The next day (black Friday) we woke to a bit of a surprise... an ice storm. It wasn't so bad, but there certainly was a layer of ice all over everything. Seems like winter has made it's call on us.

Sadie had to scrape her car off before heading off to work. I fear our trucks will be spending yet another winter out in the weather because our garage is not finished. Everything in good time, it will be "our" project for the up coming year, because if we don't have to do this job.. it would be really nice.
and, so, the start of the "holiday season" has officially begun... and I plan to enjoy every moment of it!!!!