Sunday, August 17, 2008

now I can "talk"

As reported in an earlier blog... my friends, Linda and Wayne, came to Maine to check out a dog that I had "found" for their family. I didn't dare blog about it, because it was a surprise for their family (well some of them knew....) and I didn't want to "blow it"... but now that Linda has posted her blog... it is safe for me to do mine.

I am (proudly) a volunteer and foster home for Maine Cocker Spaniel Rescue... and though I want (and will) do more for them... I certainly do what I can, when I can. (once we are settled on the farm, I should be able to help even more than I have in the past). Any ways, back in June, I was asked by rescue to go and see a dog that was needing a new home. The owner said he would be happy to keep the dog with him until we found just the right place. This is very helpful to rescue, because when it can happen like that... a foster home isn't "tied" up. Once I met this sweet boy, I thought he would be a great dog for Linda and her family. And so, once all the paperwork was completed and Linda and Wayne could find a minute.... we got the two together... and as you can tell... it was "magic".

Now, because of the "kind of family" that they are... everyone "shares"... but this dog was basically Katelyn's idea. And as anyone can see, I think it must have been love at first sight!!! Aren't they cute together????

I also think I should be nice and warn anyone who is my "friend or family" that you all need to be very careful.... because... both Kas and Sadie have cockers.... Deb has a cocker... Dale has a cocker......Sarah has a cocker...... Aileen has a cocker... and now, Katelyn has a cocker.......

do you "get" what I am saying??????