Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!!

We had another birthday around here.... my dear Ed's. On Saturday we went to dinner, but on the actual date, you just have to have a little something as well.

I picked up a small cake (small being the word as Ed is really working on getting some weight off) and we let Abbie do the decorating. That is one thing about having a child in the house... everything is grand and exciting.. she reminds me of many things.

And the more candles the better... and what's with perfection... place them on the cake and celebrate!!!!!

After the decorating of the cake, she had to "dress for the party"... I'm not sure what's up with the Halloween frog costume, but she felt it was fitting!!! (and she looks so cute in it - might as well enjoy if before she outgrows it!!!)

Time to sing ... "happy birthday....."

Abbie and Papa.....life is grand.....

And another happy youngster in the house... our little foster puppy. I think he has missed Ginger so much but this week, we have a visitor. This is Chloe, she belongs to Linda our puppy raiser chapter leader. Some new snow, and two young dogs are having a great time.

Winter days... they're slipping by quickly.