Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter..

Spring on the farm this year has been warm -- actually hot on some days. We seldom have Easter with this warm weather, so everyone seems to be taking advantage of it. I had an errand to do one day at the post, and since Abbie and I were "working" in the barn....

We just hopped in the gator and ran over in that. Dan (my boss) thought that was the funniest thing ever, and got these photos of the two of us. Just wait til I drive over with my horse and buggy one day... wonder what he'll think of that!!!!

The hens are in full business again. We get six eggs a day.. they are so yummy!!! Everyone comments on "how different" they taste compared to store bought. In fact, one day while visiting Tee-tee (Kassy) Abbie wouldn't eat the eggs she made.. she said they were "yucky"... spoiled farm kid.
Rick popped over on the day that Ed was getting our lamp post up. He was happy to lend a helping hand.....

and I am so happy to have this beautiful light at the end of the walk way. Now I won't be so worried when friends come to visit in the dark!!!!

Easter dinner this year was at the farm. I just love having my family here and being able to cook a nice dinner for everyone. Naomi was so cute... she loves all the animals, and when Mom and Dad brought little Amy, Naomi appointed herself as Amy's watcher. She told her Dad just how it should all be done...

A wonderful time to enjoy each other's company and celebrate family and the gift that God sent to all of us... his Son and that we can spend our time in heaven.

Abbie had been with her Dad and his family over Easter, so we had our celebration a few days later. She was excited about her gifts, but teaching her the real celebration of Easter will be the greatest gift of all.