Friday, September 28, 2007


Life is always interesting, to say the very least. But, when that curve gets thrown at you.... it's easy to become be-fuddled, and I am so glad that I know the Good Lord is the overseer of my life, because without Him, I would be a wreck!!!

Tuesday, I had a grand lesson with Tonka and Laura, we are working on the "half pass" -- a fairly difficult move of dressage. He's learning and I'm learning and that's a hard combo to begin with, but we worked together and even had a couple of decent moves by the end of the lesson. I have Tonka on the trailer and am just leaving Laura's when my phone rings, and it's Sadie!!! She is home... which is odd, but odder still -----she is at the hospital..... with ED!!!!! Sadie came home because she only had one class for the day, she called Ed to tell him what she was up to, and found her Daddy at the hospital.... here's the story

Ed had a regular doctor's appointment, everything is looking OK, and he knows that he needs to work on getting some weight off, and take better care with his blood pressure and sugar levels. He has lost a little weight since selling the company and being under my "watchful eye" .. that part is good, but what wasn't good.... is his heart beat. His heart is (was) out of rhythm and so, the doctor admitted him to the hospital!!!! I rushed Tonka home, and headed to the hospital and found Ed in the ER hooked up to a "million" wires!!!! After watching his heart for a bit, "they" admitted him for a few days.

Ed came home last night-----with meds,(and lots of prayers!!!) they have been able to get his heart back in a regular beat, (though the fact that they might have to "jump start" it again is not out of the picture just yet) and the list of do's and dont's, medications, and doctor's appointments are going to be the ruling factor of our lives for at least the next few months!!!!!

I find myself going back and forth from being totally panicked to the "boss who wants to control everything" he does.... it's an odd thing. So, it's day by day. I feel so blessed that we know there isn't any damage to his heart (because who knows how long its been out of beat -- his stress level over the past month has been very high) and with careful work , getting back to a healthy lifestyle, we know that will do wonders for sure!!!! OK... next chapter..........................