Sunday, November 01, 2009

busy day on the farm.

I am a HORSE, thank you very much!!!!Can't you just hear Mocha saying that to Mr. Oliver!!!
Today was such a nice, busy day at the farm!!We had a lot of visitors, so many, in fact, that I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.
My friend, Mary came with her dog Oliver, actually they were there to meet with a student of mine, who needs to place a shepherd, and I thought that maybe Mary would be interested in her. The farm seemed like a nice, neutral place for everyone to meet, and while we waited for the other family to come, Mary took Oliver around the farm.

He was a very good boy and seemed to enjoy meeting everyone. When the other family arrived with their shepherd, I left the two families walking and getting to know each other while I finished up some barn chores. Then Betty stopped by, hoping she might catch us doing some driving with one of the big guys.

and then Mary and Ed popped over to see what we have been doing, and to give a couple of Chessie pups a run (Banjo, you missed out on a date with your sisters)....

Folks visited for a while, Mary and the other family are talking about the possible "adoption" of the other shepherd dog, and after everyone went on their way, I did get Tonka into harness....

He was going along so well, that we did get him into the small red cart and took a couple trips around the farm. He is actually going better than me.... I am the one that needs to get my confidence up and just go with him. but I tend to err on the side of caution, and so far, it has always served me well. I know if I could get some constant days of just driving, it would certainly help... that's how we did it with Mocha... and she goes great now

Just sharing some more photos Dale took of the farm....

After the guests on the farm, and driving, then we hurried home to entertain our dinner guests!!! Good friends, Cindy and George came for the evening. I had made our supper in the crock pot (because I knew we would be busy at the farm) and it was all ready when we arrived home.

We haven't had the chance to visit with Cindy and George since last summer when we went over to the their camp... I can't believe that much time has gone by!!! But it was such a fun evening and before I knew it, the weekend was over.

We're back on regular time.. which means, dark evenings, but I do like having the sun come up earlier in the day. Sadie and Abbie have spent the weekend down with Kas and Nate... it sure has been "quiet" around here without them, I'll be happy to have them back at home tomorrow night...

so, another weekend, come and gone, and we're into a new month.... I really hope the winter continues this quickly... I think I am ready for spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!