Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a week of work...

All this past week I have been covering the post while my boss is on vacation ("boss" - he's more my friend than boss!!!) any who... when the afternoons are quiet, I take Ginger in with me. She could come on the busy days as well, because she is so well behaved, but an afternoon is long enough. The folks that come in often look and ask about her, she gives me company -- and we get some training time in.

"OK Ginger, see that bin of mail behind you - it needs to be sorted and delivered"

"Mom -- I know I am practicing to be a service dog, but somehow I don't think this is on the list"

"really --- I should learn to READ first!!!!"

"This is boring!!! can we go home now"

I'm with Ginger on this one... working really cuts into my life!!!! (taking me days just to catch up on the blog)... but it gave my boss a nice break and I'll appreciate the paycheck.....

They look a little like creatures from another planet... but the barn swallows had TWO batches of babies this year!!!

Won't be too many more days and these little ones will be kicked out and on their own. We're beginning to get quite a little community of birdies in the barn... fine with me.... they eat bugs!!!!