Sunday, August 31, 2008

it's just like Christmas!!! (part one)

Have you ever had a blessing from the Good Lord, where your most "never could happen" dream had come true??? If not, then it is my sincere prayer that one day... you may be granted your furthest wish... for it is an amazing thing.

When I was 8 years old and falling in love with horses, I dreamed of a day when I "would own a farm and have "lots" of horses". The first part of that dream came true 11 years ago, when.... (encouraged by my dear hubby) I bought my first horse, and really "owned a horse of my own!!!"

Then, when that dear old horse (Silver) had to be retired and I talked about a second horse..... our plans for "owning a farm" began to take shape....

And as you all know, all winter long, Ed has been working on "my" beautiful barn.....

but today.... the horses are "officially and forever.... HOME!!!"

Mocha was the first to arrive. Sadie went with me to load and bring her home, while Ed stayed at the barn to finish up some little things (like stops on the doors, latches finished up... some raking done on the pasture).

Mocha was quite pleased with the tour of her new home.... she was very curious with everything and checked it all as Sadie walked her about...

She seems pleased with her new stall.... nice and roomy... course, she would like a little hay please!!!!

it's just like Christmas!!!! (part two)

After we got Mocha settled, it was back down to York to get "the big boys"... mind you, its an hour's ride one way... so just getting Mocha was overall .... a three hour trip.

Again, dear Sadie was there to help. We couldn't leave Teresa's barn with dirty stalls, so once the boys were loaded in the trailer... Sadie and I mucked their stalls, Ed swept the floor and we left the barn... empty... but clean. I felt so bad for Teresa's little mare... Daisy... as she called and called when the boys left the barn... and for the first time in her life, she will be all alone in her own little barn......

By the time we arrive "home"... it was dark.. since we don't have electricity in the barn... Ed fired up the generator so we could have some lights to see by.

I have never seen the barn "lit" before, and it looked warm and cozy... definitely an inviting place to be....

Tonka has been here before (remember we brought him up last spring and did some driving work with Becky and Butch)... so he was pretty comfortable walking into his stall, and checking out the pile of hay that was waiting for him there.

Silver was a little less sure of where he was... but with Mocha on one side of him, and Tonka on the other... it didn't take him too long to figure it that everything will be OK.

I wished I had been able to get them home in the daylight and give them a little tour like we did with Mocha... but that can be done tomorrow....

tomorrow.... I will walk "our horses" on "our land".... it certainly feels just like Christmas!!!!!!

" Hey Mom... what's all the noise out there... I am trying to get some sleep???"