Friday, April 03, 2009

setting up...

Woke to a very grey, very foggy morning, so much so, that you couldn't even see across the lake. But the ice is getting very thin and this kind of weather will make it disappear for sure!!! It's pulling back from the shore, and there are huge cracks and holes everywhere..... it can go anytime!!!!

However, for me there were things to do and places to go. This weekend is my dog club's annual Flyball Tournament. And every year, we use my truck and trailer to haul all the goodies needed in setting up the tournament. It's fun to drive the truck, and it's kind of cool to pull it into the big ice arena where the "tourny" is held.

It's nice because we can fit in all in one load. There's a lot of equipment needed for this event.

Are the "boys" praying??? Well, they could be, since the mats have to be secured to the floor and the tape was not sticking very well. This is Wayne, Scott and Rick hard at work... and hard work... there's no way this can be done without being on your knees!!!!

It's quiet now, but that won't be the case tomorrow and Sunday. There will be 40 teams of dogs coming for a weekend of racing.. it will be exciting, fast and loud!!!

Moxie played flyball when she was young, it was great fun and I miss the weekends that we traveled to the tournaments... who knows, maybe a future puppy will put me back in the races.....