Thursday, November 24, 2011


Not that we haven't ever had "snowy" Thanksgiving, but when I got up this am to get the turkey in... the sunrise looked more like a Christmas morning than a Thanksgiving. Fortunately it wasn't that cold and this snow - like Halloween's- will probably be gone in a few days.

It was windy, and even though this snow was pretty wet and heavy, it still blew around some. The view from the barn doors looks so cold and winter like.

We had a pretty quiet Thanksgiving, just the kids. Abbie couldn't wait for Tee Tee to arrive and watched at the windows all morning long. We tired to get her to watch the "balloons" on the TV, but that only kept her interest a short time.. she wanted Tee Tee..and then we found out "why"... according to Abbie "Tee Tee play outside with Abbie"

It was good snow for snowman making... so that was the project at hand.

Abbie admiring their work.....

She had to re-arrange the eyes a little (and replace the carrot nose that Banjo took).... but all in all... her first little snowman, made on Thanksgiving day.

Time for dinner!!!It was so yummy and we are so blessed to be together.

Perfect time for a photo opt... course, getting everyone just right at the right time....

Takes a little practice... but well worth it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hoping your day went as happy as ours!!!!