Friday, July 27, 2007


Early yesterday morning, there is a little tap on the bedroom door, it's Kassy. "Are you awake?" she asks...."yes" (bearly). "Well, I thought you should know that Titus got out of his tank". My eyes snap open!!! "What?" she goes on "Titus got out of his tank, I found him in the bathroom. He seems to be OK, but I just wanted you to know". As soon as I am up and dressed, I go to check on Titus, he doesn't appear any worse for the wear, but I do find a little chunk taken out of his shell. I have no idea how he got out, I am assuming he pushed past the filter tubes, which means he had a pretty good drop to the floor!!!! Silly turtle!! But it also makes me realize just how much I like him, because when I think of all the places he could have hidden in the house, I could have really lost him. I guess he is thinking his tank is too small, we haven't had time to get his outdoor pool ready (we have all the parts and pieces...just not enough time to get it together)... so, I promised him that we will get onto as soon as possible. I know he would like more swimming area..... the things we do for our pets.

It's been a busy week. On Tuesday, after Tonka and I had our lesson, I went out to Deb and Dave's to collect Mocha. Teresa and I came up with a way that Mocha can live at the barn with Tonka and Silver. NOT that she didn't have a perfect home with Deb and Dave (and Alice and Buddy) but I was finding that I just wasn't getting out to spend time with her. I really want to find out how much driving she can do, and just get to know her, and that sort of thing requires time.
I was worried that the move would be very hard on her. We sort of figured out that she and Alice have never been separated, and both the minis loved being with big Buddy horse. She loaded perfectly on the trailer, and aside for one big whinny as we pulled out of the drive, she rode along and wasn't at all afraid when we got to Teresa's. We put her in her "pen" and gave her some time to settle down. Then I introduced her to the other horses, and everyone was great.
It's been a real treat to go and see her everyday. She seems perfectly happy and is always looking for company (that's where Deb and Dave spoiled her!!!!) But she goes out into her little area and spends the time grazing and talking with the others over the fence.( Dave reports that Alice is doing just fine without her mom, so I feel much better about all that.) I do think that Tonka's a little "jealous"... Mocha's stall is the first one in the barn, so naturally she gets spoken to first when you enter, and Tonka always makes a little noise about that!!!! Silver doesn't seem to care one way or another, but then, he's had to put up with Tonka for the past three years!!!!
So, now our "babies" are under one roof.... course I can't wait until the time when they are all together under OUR roof!!!!
PS... Cole has settled right into the house, almost like he never left.... I'll get some new pics of him for the blog soon!!!!!