Monday, May 26, 2008

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The days are flying by on this trip... it's going to be over before I even know it. Sunday we went to church with Kas and Nate, and their friends, Mandi, Patrick and Cassie and Bobby. What a wonderful service it was... all in the "theme" for Memorial Day. I hope you don't mind my opinion.. but people in the south, know how to "do it right".. all the talk about southern hospitality is alive and well.. especially in this little church. We felt extremely welcomed!!! The service was up lifting and thoughtful, and I don't mind admitting that I was in tears after hearing the "widows of the veterans" talk about their loved ones, or the moment of silence when they rang the church bell in honor of our fallen veterans!!! I came away with great joy in my heart, and I know that Kas and Nate will miss this church when they move back home.

After church we stopped by this "shop" called the Rag Bag.. it is filled with "just about everything" and we had a great time poking about. I did pick up a couple of gifts that will be put away for Christmas. But I was fascinated with the building itself... a real log cabin built in the 1800's with quite a history behind it. The owner was telling me about it, and all the different things it has been over the years. It was cool to think that the building stood here during the Civil war.. and during many other historic events as well.

Then it was onto "Pop's" for some lunch. I guess the "kids" go here most every Sunday after church and they are well known to the folks that run it. What a cute little restaurant this is.. and talk about good prices!!! for 4.97 I got a great chicken wrap, a drink, chips and a dessert!!!! Kas spent a whole .97 on a grilled cheese sandwich!! Nice to find some place where you can get good plain food and a awesome price!!!

By then, the better part of the day had passed, so we took the dogs to the park for a little swim and just to enjoy the outdoors. The boat ramp was quite busy and we were pretty entertained watching people take their boats in and out of the water... let's just say, some do it much better than others!!! One poor guy just about drove me nuts trying to back his trailer in... I almost went over and asked him if he wanted me to do it for him.. (not to brag, but one thing about hauling a horse trailer... I know how to back them up!!!) Anyways, we sat there for the longest time, just people watching.... it was pretty fun.

Then in the evening, Cassie and Bobby invited us over for a cookout and show off their little apartment... I am just so impressed with these young people!!! All of them living out on their own.. being marines, I am impressed at the jobs they do... just a great bunch of young folks to be around... it's a real blessing for me!!!!