Saturday, October 18, 2008

puppy visits....

Amoung a few things today (more in another blog) was a visit to see "my grand-dog"... aka: Kas and Nate's new baby, Banjo. He is four weeks old now, and in just another four weeks, they will be able to bring him home.

Mary, Ed and Rosie are doing the most wonderful job raising this litter... all the puppies are thriving and it really would be hard to pick just one as a favorite. Mary told us today, that almost the whole litter has been spoken for and she is very excited about the homes that they will all be heading off to.

We arrived for our visit at nap time, so poor little Banjo (and his sister and brothers) weren't too excited about having company. He is a real little cuddle bug!!!

"Can I please go back to bed???"

And speaking of visits... we have a few guests staying with us. Two Labradoodle puppies (and yes, they have been with us before)... they love walking with the cockers, and it's quite a "crew" that I take out each day. Here we have... (left to right) Tazzy, Camille, Hunter and Trevor (there are two black dogs there) and Rosie's Boy and Cherry Pie. Moxie and Cole didn't do the walk, their slower pace makes it hard to walk the "younger" dogs with them... so they get their own special time....I think the neighborhood is getting used to me walking by... instead of staring they now just wave and smile......