Sunday, May 23, 2010

catchin' up

I don't know how many blogs there will be in the up coming week. Not only are we working on the house, but we are both "working". Ed has gone back to work for Coz a few days a week, and I am covering the post office while my boss is on vacation. House wise, these "work opportunities" couldn't have come at a "worse" time... but they are opportunities and we are happy to have, we'll muddle thru as best as we can, and just get done what we can. We're at that stage where one job depends on another.... example.. the floor man came to measure for the flooring, but the up stair bath needs to be painted first, the hall way needs it's last coat of "mud" - then painted...the tiling has to be finished downstairs.. but we need the cabinets to come in... etc. etc. etc. We need to take a look in each room and make a "this needs to be done first" list!!!!

Sadie thought she would try her hand at gardening this year. I love gardens, but I never seem to have much luck with things that are "green". I try... but.. I seem to do much better with four legged creatures than things with roots.
I like the lay out of this little garden by the "barn" (really garage) and it offers a nice guide to the walk leading up to the door. Hopefully Sadie's little plants will like it there as well. Someday this will be a brick walk way, but that can certainly go on the "to do later" list!!!! We put Ed's tractor spinner in the corner.. not only is it cute, but I am hoping that it might keep the chickens out!!!!

The weather has been so nice, we are spending more time outside as well. While Sadie was working in the garden and I was working in the house, we kept the door open. Not wanting doggies to escape... we "used Abbie" to keep them in. Her little pack and play fitted perfectly across the doorway.....

I think the dogs found it rather funny to see Abbie in the "crate" instead of them... and she had a great time "talking" with them as they peeked outside and then checked her out.

Windows.... I love my big windows.. they offer so much light, but right now.... so much work.

However, there are three that are totally done!!! It's amazing what trim and paint will do to give this nice finished look. Let's see, three down... 19 more to go!!!! Oh hum...............

Tile floor number two.... the mudroom. Cear it all out, and start with the cement board...

Thenl ay the pattern out.... and begin.

I still "like" doing it... once you get the pattern right .. it is like quilting (I said that before) and other than being on your knees... it goes pretty quick. Oh I'll feel this tomorrow!!!!!

We didn't have a much time as we would have liked yesterday.. some company dropped by in the afternoon... (we were very happy to have them, but lost about an hour).. we got it about half done. It was a good stopping point for supper, and last minute we called Rick and Kelli and asked what they were up to. We decided that a Chinese food dinner would hit the spot... so they brought it up and we called it quits when they arrived.
Now.. just going to finish the blog here, and head back down .. and finish up the floor..... well, it will at least check another thing off the list!!!!