Saturday, May 03, 2008

"show" barn

If there is one thing that my hubby could never be accused of.... it would be "doing a poor job" with anything that he does. Ed is a "detail" man if ever I knew one, and he doesn't believe in just doing something to get it done. If it is "done" by my Ed... it is done right.

Case in point with this barn of ours!! and NOT because it is "ours"... but this building is beautiful... and if there were a "Better homes and barns" magazine... this one should have feature story done on it. Ed has made it a "show" barn if ever I saw one...

He told me that he and Ken had pretty much finished the tack room, so today, after the dog show, the "girls" and I went up to take a peek.... the tack nothing short of amazing!!!!

And nothing doing, he and Ken continue to apply the same detail to the stall area of the barn.

All I can say is... I hope a couple of horses appreciate the home that they will live in...

if not... well.... I certainly am going to!!!!!!

good girl, Camille

Bright and early this morning, Moxie, Camille and I headed to Acton (my soon-to-be hometown) to attend the York County Kennel club dog show. This is a really nice show, with a history of really bad weather, and nothing was different for this year. What was suppose to be a "cool day with chance of showers" turned out to be a rainy day that was down right cold!!!! But, wisely (though not fashion for sure) I dressed for the weather.

I entered both Moxie and Camille in Rally Obedience, but with Moxie not feeling well all week long, I decided to pull her from the show and just let Camille do her thing. It was Camille's very first time in the ring!!!!

And the "thing" is... I haven't really even taken the time to "train" her. Anything that she knows, she has picked up herself just by coming to classes with me and being my "demo" dog. Rally Novice is pretty basic obedience, but there are some details to it, that I knew she could do... provided she would listen to me.

Showing outside is a bit of a trick at times... there are many distractions!!! On top of that, the obedience rings are set up under the "pulling arena"... where during fair season... horses do their thing. I can only imagine what that dirt has the scent of....

But, little Camille did her "mom" proud and worked like a little show dog......

A "perfect" score is 100.... Camille got a 94 and qualified for her first Rally Novice Leg"... PLUS took fourth place AND highest scoring cocker...... "NOT too bad for a very first try"..... good girl, Camille!!!!!

and tomorrow, we go back and do it again.... guess what, they are predicting rain!!!!!