Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ed's day

So, I am always talking about "my stuff" on this blog, but let me tell you about Ed's day today at the farm. Leave it to my Ed, his adventures are as eventful as mine!!!

This morning, Ed goes to do some work on the barn, and as usual, meets up with Ken. They putter around for awhile, and then decide that they need some supplies from the local lumber shop. Off they go.
After loading up with things and heading back to the barn, it is about lunch time, so they stop at a little store to get some sandwiches made. Just as they are leaving the store, Ed hears Acton Fire tone out for a structure fire!!! And it just so happens that this fire is just a very short drive from where they are. Now, Ed is a member of Acton ( as well as chief here in York ) and Ken is a Wakefield firefighter and used to be on Acton.. so needless to say, they both rush to the scene.

They are the first ones there, a lady is waiting outside, and smoke is pouring out of her house. Ed gets on the radio to advise the fire crews and Ken takes a quick peek inside. It is a fire on a stove top, but it's moving quickly and is starting to char the kitchen cabinets. Ken comes out of the house and asks Ed if he has a fire extinguisher in the truck... which he does. Ed stays with the home owner and continues to talk to the fire company on his radio and Ken goes back inside and manages to get the fire under control.

When "Acton" arrives, they are a bit surprised to see a York Fire chief and a Wakefield Firefighter have saved the day ... er house!!! but everyone is quite pleased that they did, especially the home owner!!! The Acton fire crews make a double check of the situation, and asks Ed to continue his radio traffic to the dispatch as needed.

After their big fire adventure, the two of them head to the barn. Now, as I said on a previous blog, the trucks can't make it back and forth across the field right now.

Look what the two of them did to my little gator. Loaded it to the gills and had it carry all their supplies across the field to the barn!!!!

I don't know, Ed and Ken are a pair that spells trouble in my book!!! I thought that Ed and Dave made enough mischief, without Ed having another partner in crime!!!!

but who am I to "complain".. they have built a fine barn this winter, and now can go on the "books" as the rescuers of houses!!!

Not a bad job guys!!!!

farm photos

With the mud being so bad on the farm, we can no longer drive the trucks in and out. Thank goodness, we have the gator to help cart things back and forth. Being on the lighter side, it doesn't create big ruts in the field, and can easily get thru the mud holes.

the cockers just LOVE it there!!! Trevor "camps" out beside the gator...

Camille and Hunter enjoying the afternoon sun

Moxie is practicing her "being a farm dog" act...
If this what "spring" is going to look like... you can be sure that the cockers will be wearing short coats most of the time.