Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dock day

Today (Sunday actually) was "dock day"... now Abbie doesn't have a clue what it's all about, but dressed in a pink sunhat, and watching all the activity... she was game!!! It was a "warmish" day.. the sun was out and the wind was "mild".. so we convinced Nate and Tom that it wouldn't be "that bad a job".....

One of the hardest things about the job is getting the docks off the shore. We "live" on the high side of the lake, which means, no beach... and no nice easy slope into the water. I don't know if it's harder in the fall dragging the docks up the shore, or in the spring, stepping down over the rocks to get back to the water. Either way, we were so HAPPY that these two young, strong guys were willing to help!!! (THANKS BOYS!!!!)

Supposedly the water "wasn't' too bad"... once your legs got numb!!!!

But once the pieces got into the place, it's does come together fast. So much better than the old wooden docks that we used to deal with!!!

There were two that absolutely couldn't wait to get in the lake!!! They would have been more than happy to help out, too bad they don't know how to use the wrenches to put the docks together.... "come on Dad, hurry... we want to swim!!!"


And so Dear Abbie... that is dock day, and now the camp really seems like "camp".. and we look forward to many warm summer days spent on the docks with family and friends......