Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Spring arrived last night at 8:04pm.. I awoke this morning to
see.... my horse trailer STILL buried in the snow!!! Where
is this spring that they speak of ??

Here is what the ol' Farmer's Almanac says:

March: In like a lamb a-bleating; sleeting, but it's only fleeting. Great days for the Irish and all of their friends;Look out below! It's snowing again! Clouds are breaking, bears awaking!

And the funny thing of it, they just about hit the nail with the predictions and dates... how do they do it?? I always have a copy of the almanac around, just to see just how close they come... so far... so good... want to "hear about April?"

April: Spring's dress rehearsal, then reversal. The snow must go on! Relief is coming, slowly but surely; get your sugar snaps in early! Kids and their buddies come home all muddy"

So, do we have one more snow to go threw... guess only time will tell, I on the other hand, am anxiously awaiting for that first warm (!) morning walk and the birds showing up again.....