Sunday, September 12, 2010

labor Day weekend...

I can't believe that "Labor Day" was a week ago. I honestly don't know where the time gets to these days... I take my pictures, think about my blogs, and then it's days before I seem to get a minute to post. But either way, I post when I can. We had the wedding on Sunday, and then on Monday, Dave and Deb invited us over for a cookout. It was a beautiful summer day, and they have the greatest back yard.

Deb showed me her babies.... six little yellow kitties that are about three weeks old. These are the brothers and sister of the kitten that Kas got a few months back. They are simply the dearest things....

and they are orphans!!! A little more than a week ago, Mama kitty went out for a bit, to stretch her legs and have a break from the babies, and never returned. Deb and Dave have a lot of wild life around their farm, anything from fox to hawk, so there's no telling what happened to the Mama Cat. Deb, of course, was just sick about the whole thing, not only did she like her Mama Cat, but now six babies that needed her. Well, it's been round the clock care, but Deb has managed to keep all six babies alive, well, and growing. Another couple of weeks, and they should be able to start eating on their own, but it's been long (and rewarding) work for Deb.

Now, I thought the cookout would be our usual, steak, chicken or hamburg thing.. but Dave surprised us all with these wonderful treats!!! Lobster!!! I've only had it a few times this summer, so when I saw these guys I was more than thrilled....sorry boys.....

in the pot you go!!! and I can't wait to eat you!!! They were so GOOD!! and there's just something grand in cooking outside and sitting down to a real New England lobster feed.

He even got "steamers" to go with the lobster. Fresh corn from his garden, watermelon, potato salad... a warm summer day - a holiday... life is good!!!!

We took a nice hike thru the woods after our feast. We walked and took the dogs with us, but Dave saddled up Buddy and rode a long with us. This is Lauren... taking a little ride on Buddy. Isn't he handsome... he's a Belgian cross, and such a nice boy!!!!

After a weekend of fun, Tuesday it was time to get back to life. Since we had the piles moved and smoothed out, Ed's been wanting to get some grass growing before the cold weather arrives. He borrowed this "rig" (I don't know what you call it) but it's designed to bring all the rocks to the top, so you can clear them away. It works really well, and after a couple of passes, many of the rocks have been removed. It was dusty work, though, we are in need of rain!!!!

He got the seed put down, and now we'll have to be watering everyday for a while... and looking to keep the chickens away, but hopefully in a week or two, we'll have the start of a new front lawn.