Tuesday, March 01, 2011

stories for a birthday

Another "non-birthday" year for Sadie. No February 29th this year, which makes me think of a couple of "childhood" stories to share on Sadie's birthday. The first one .... One day Sadie was really being "awful" to Kassy. I don't know how Kas thought of it.. but she said to Sadie.. "you are being so bad that Mom took your birthday away". Sadie, of course, didn't believe her sister, so Kas got a calendar and said... "see there is no 29... you don't have a birthday this year, because Mom took it away"....Sadie was certainly upset about that..... we thought it was

The next story that comes to mind, when we were "expecting Sadie" we took Kas to a "big sibling class". They took the kids on a tour of the hospital, had some "babies" for them to play with, had some cookies and milk, and then took them to see the real babies in the nursery. Kas noticed that there were "blue babies" and "pink babies" (the little hats that the babies wore). Kas looked at me and said "Mom, please get me a pink one" I told her, I would see what I could do. And as "luck" would have it, we did get a "pink one"... Miss Sadie. A few years later, Sadie (again) "bugging" her sister, and Kas came to me with her complaints. After I listen a while, I said to Kas.. "well you were the one that wanted a "pink" baby, and now you just have to share with your little sister"... Kas says to me... "what was I thinking!!!"

The last story that I want to share on this "non birthday"... Sadie was an infant, and in one of those "fussy" modes. I was having a bit of a frantic day and having a fussy baby wasn't helping. I saw the mail man walking down the street and I said to Kas... "if this baby doesn't settle down, I might just mail her away". A few weeks later, I had to mail some things at the post office. I got Kas out of the car, and then took Sadie out. She was in this seat that we called a "bucket".. so I just carried baby and bucket into the post. I didn't want to put a baby on the floor, so I set the bucket up on the counter. Just as I was trying to talk to the post clerk, Kas went "crazy". Crying and carrying on and acting just horrid.

I kept telling her to "behave" and that I would be done in just a few moments. She was so upset that she couldn't even talk to me. I quickly did my business and got out of the post with baby in the bucket and a very upset two year old. I was mad!! and wondered what in the world set Kas off like that. I got both kids buckled in and waited for Kas to get her act together. Once she calmed down, I asked her what that episode was all about. She looked at me in surprised and said "Mom when you put the baby up on the "table" I thought you were going to mail her away"...needless to say, it taught me to think before I spoke!!!!

So, to our dear Sadie... happy "non birthday"... I hope you had a great day.. and next year... there is a 29th, and I promise not to "take it away"....