Wednesday, December 12, 2007

wonder why

The news this am says that we are in "an unusually active weather pattern" and though it does happen, they wonder why it's happening so soon this winter. It seems like we are getting all these micro-storms every few days. Not big snows, but just enough snow/sleet/freezing rain to make things interesting. (In fact last night, based on weather reports, we decided to cancel dog classes in Saco... turns out I probably could have taught the class, but with the long drive to and from, I wasn't taking any chances)

Well, I have the answer for them... it's because Ed is trying to get this barn built!!!! I think everytime he begins some sort of outdoor winter project, we get the weather!!! However, he and Chris (and yesterday Bill joined them again) are plugging right along and we now have two walls standing... with projections of the third going up sometime today!!! Right now this building looks huge, but they somehow have a way of shrinking once you begin "to put things in them"!!! It's very exciting to see this, and I try to run up to Acton as much as I can, so I don't "miss out on anything"... course that means not much is getting done at home (ie: finish up the Christmas decorations) but that's ok!!!

Just a few miles down the road from "the farm".. there is the beautiful waterfall. As I was passing yesterday, I just had to take a couple of moments and get a few shots of it.....

Now, as much as we are in this "winter pattern" Kas and Nate report from the south, that they are in a "warming pattern".. and are spending days at the beach, and are out walking late in the evenings, because the weather is so nice.....

Well, Kas, when you head for home next week.... don't bring your shorts!!!!!!