Monday, November 24, 2008

cold morning

There wasn't much space around this woodstove this morning!!! "everyone" was crowding in, looking for the best spot!!! Another cold morning... another day of frozen water buckets!!! Ah.. welcome "winter", might as well decide that it's here to stay, even the lake had a coating of ice on it this am. But, my Ed is home safe and sound, and there's plenty of wood for the stove, Thanksgiving plans are in the works.... life is good...

I never sleep well when Ed is not around, so I had a couple of really late nights... however, the time did not go without some gain.. and I have finally finished my square for the "acton fair quilt" next year. The squares have to be in by the, I will just make the deadline. The theme this year is "stop and smell the flowers", and the piece of material that we had to work with is the dark piece that you see in the petals. It's not a very fancy square, but it's done and we'll see what other ideas people came up with when the quilt is on display next August.

We also have "good news/bad news" the predictions for the weather is a real warm up starting tomorrow... maybe even making it back into the 40's!!! but, with it comes a "front" and rain is expected over the next three days... heavy rain, with high winds to boot. This morning when we went to the barn, "everyone" was already there and very busy, in hopes that they can beat some of this rain that is due. Chris has all sorts of "things" happening in the electric department and told us that the electric company is going to be here next Tuesday to hook us into power!!! What a blessing that will be!!!

Ken, Eric and "Buzz" are hustling up as well, and want to have the house in a "good place" by this evening. With the bad weather coming and the holiday at the end of the week, this might be the only day that the guys get some work done this week.

It sure is pretty already... I am falling in love with this house!!!!

one year

This was our barn one year ago (yesterday)......

And here it is on it's first anniversary.........

Happy birthday....... barn!!!!!