Friday, March 09, 2007


There are "monsters" in this house, that even Dr. Frankenstein would appreciate!!! A creature that has been made from outside sources. Good friends have much to do with all this - Dale and Karen - and another source as well - Christy -.

You know about the wonderful knitting basket Dale gave to me, and I have a "thing" about items not being put to good use. So when I found that I wasn't making the knitting sessions that Dale and Karen were always inviting me to, and saw an ad in the paper for a knitting class, I knew that I needed to give it a try. And so, mittens in the works.

Kass has been watching this process, and made a comment a few days ago, that her friend Christy was "into knitting" and doing felted purses, she told Kass it was so easy, and invited Kass to come to their Thursday night get togethers and give it a try. Being in my "mom" mode and wanting Kass to find something to help fill her time, I encouraged her to go and at least give it a try.

Yesterday, Kass got the list of needed items and we went up to the knitting shop to fill them. Walking into that shop......bad idea... for me!!! Because we walked out with the list... times two.. and I found myself last night in the company of some great young women, and beginning my first felted purse!!!!

Ok Dale and Karen... I see your smiles from here..... I have crossed over!!!!! Now, this isn't even remotely funny... I have a wedding quilt to finish... a birth sampler (cross stitch) for my niece to finish... a horse that will start spring training very soon... DOGS!!! and I have added this to my life.... and Kass has been caught up in it as well.....
On top of that, I "fear" the obvious... another pile of "must haves"........... I just got my quilting "must haves" put into proper order...... "this isn't going to be good" :-)