Friday, July 03, 2009

chickies and other things...

I left my blog yesterday with all good intentions of loading my horse on the trailer and heading out to a riding lesson. But about the time I got to the barn, the heavens opened and the rain came... sideways!!! It almost looked like we had a river running down the driveway. Aside from the fact that both Tonka and I would have been soaked before we even began, I wasn't too excited about driving with a trailer in that kind of weather... so, much to my disappointment, I called and cancelled.

This morning, however,we have a glimmer of "hope" ...... not only was the sky bright.. but no sound of rain. And to top that off, Betty called and was at the barn doing morning chores... now, how can a day begin better than that. It's amazing that just the peeks of sun has brought the lake alive.... boats are out and about, walkers and bike riders have been passing by the camp all morning... and folks are arriving for the fourth weekend...I think we must all be "solar powered".

Sadie took these photos with her phone of the turkey chicks and their big move to the birdie stall... so, a few photos for your entertainment....

"getting pretty crowded here in the small cage"

"much bigger food bowl" (good thing as I was having to fill the small bowl twice a day!!! they are eating like there's no tomorrow!!!)

"still small enough that they like to be under the heat light"

"they look small in this stall now, but give 'em a couple of weeks"
We need to get back to working at the farm again, and one of the jobs top of the list, is getting an area cleared to put up a big pen for the turkeys. Rick has loaned us his big commercial chipper, so, a little good weather would be very helpful. Once Ed and I get moving, I know we can have an area cleared in a few hours. The turkeys are going to need their outside area shortly at the rate they are growing... so, the stall is only going to hold us over for a few weeks. The chickens are pretty comfy in the outside pen we made for them, and Mr. G keeps an eye on everyone.
Kas and Nate should be arriving at any time, they'll be staying in the back camp and will be here for the weekend. Tomorrow we are having a small cookout to celebrate the day... we have invited the sun as the guest of honor... hope he comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!