Wednesday, July 04, 2018

4th of July...

The fourth has arrived, still in our heat wave... and being here at camp has been such a blessing. So nice to hop in the lake and cool off... Reagan has reminded us of "what" this holiday is all about. Taking the time to make this drawing of our flag... and choosing the words "we Live"... because he said that we live in this great country and have our freedom due to many people. He also made three blue stars... and a brown tank for the people who keep our freedom. Pretty deep words from a little five year old boy, if you ask me. 
But today also had its moments of vacation and fun. Now, I didn't personally witness this event (more on that in a moment).. but Papa got the boat out, and found our tube .. and the gals, Abi and Naomi got to try their hand in "tubing"...
Naomi liked it as fast as Papa would take her. But, he tends to be careful with these kiddos... tubing is great fun, but can be tricky too... and we want to keep it in the "fun stage at all times"...

Abi took her turn too... she was happier to go at a slower speed, but I have a feeling that by the end of the summer, she'll want to be zipping along at a faster clip.

The gals had a great time, and it's one of those "things" that we had talked about even last winter... when we "find out boat"...

But, the real news of this day.. and the reason why I didn't see the great tubing event... I , along with my Mom and Rachel.. spent the better part of the day in the emergency room in York Hospital. This morning my Mom, having spent the night here at camp, thought it might be nice to take a little walk while it was cool. She went out before any of us were up, and got a short way down the road, and took a fall. She landed right in the middle of the camp road, and laid there for a bit before managing to get to her feet and get herself back to camp.

Once "home" she didn't want to bother anyone, so she waited until we were all stirring and then announced she had fallen and hurt her shoulder. After a bit of talk we decided it might be best to have things checked out, and sure enough... she had broken her shoulder. '

After spending six hours (and why does it always take so long???? ) we saw doctors and surgeons, and it is decided that she will probably have surgery next week to help repair the damage. Tonight she is home under the care of niece Kelsey... but the next few weeks, we will be working out shifts to give her hand until this thing is manageable. 

Certainly not the way we all expected to be spending the fourth of July... but life does have a way of throwing you a curve ball every now and again. 

As I close this story, fire works are going off all around the lake, the loons are calling out in protest.... three little grands have given up to exhaustion and are finally asleep, and even though my Mom is on my mind, the summer night brings some cooler weather.. and I am enjoying the gifts of my life..

Happy 4th!!!

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