Monday, February 13, 2017

lots of snow

If there's any doubt, winter is truly here and the shows we are getting are true New England style. But the thing I'm not so impressed with is the ice. Just look at the coating on the trees. I will certainly be wearing my "grippies" on my boots, and if walking to the barn gets too bad..I'll move the gator to the house and drive up.

Were slowly introducing the boys to each other. I'm probably doing this way slower than some would but since they're ours..I can do this any way I choose.

I think they like each other. Tonka has been so sad without duke and Abraham left a team I feel like they need each other and want to be together.
They sometimes race about and get silly but mostly I find them just standing together.

They have good thick costs and like to be outside...

Things seem to be settling down here on the farm.