Thursday, February 22, 2007


this is (from left to right) Bella, Pete and AJ (the bunny)
Once a week, whether they like it or not... Sadie "swims her animals" in the bathtub!!!
I don't know where she came up with this idea, or whether it's good or not, but she does it just the same, and "the animals" seem to enjoy it!!

"AJ" the bunny likes it the most, I think... though her little white guinea pig, Pete, seems to move around the most. She doesn't have the water that deep, so Pete seems to enjoy the "deep end"!!! Bella is her other little piggie, (she's the spoiled one!!).

This past Sunday, Charlie was pretty interested in the swim. I almost wonder if he would have liked to have joined them!!! Charlie loves to swim and in the summer time, he is always the first one in the lake.

I suppose besides from the good exercise, it does keep the animals nice and clean, especially the piggies with their white coats!!! Either way, Sadie says she will do swim time once a week!!!