Thursday, September 02, 2010

talkin' about Chester...

Well I have been in contact with NEADS working on setting up another evaluation for Chester. As it stands now, there probably won't be another evaluation... there will be a "turn in". He's a year old now, and truly I feel I have brought him as far as I can, it's time for college, but so soon??? Where did the (almost) year go???

I took him to the fair on Saturday. I knew he would be wonderful, but when such good training situations come up - you don't pass them by. We walked around the fair and then decided to sit and watch the horse pulls for a while. Now, anyone who has seen horse pulls know how loud and exciting they are... Chester settled down (on the bleachers) between my feet, found a comfortable position and just laid quietly and watched all the going on's....

Then we met up with Sparky the fire dog.

Chester fell in love with him!!! I could hardly drag him away. Maybe Chester would like to be a fire dog instead of a service dog!!!! :D

He "smoozed" with the guys on the fire department...

and loved all the attention he got from the jr. fire fighters. Nothing at the fair "bothered" him, when I asked him to "work" he did, and when he got "free time", he took all the attention he could get.
He's had a super fun week with Banjo being here, another dog his size to play with. September will go quick enough, but with the idea of Chester heading off to "college" I just know it's going to go way too fast!!!!!

photos from the fair