Thursday, October 21, 2010

that time of year

well, we've "done it".. the big furnace has been lit, so I guess the "cold" weather has officially arrived. The house has been kept toasty warm by the "little" stove inside the house, but, the last couple of mornings, it's been working hard to keep up. So, Ed got the "big guy" going, right now, this heats directly into the cellar, and in no time, we had the cellar over 70. Then we opened up the doorway, and all the wonderful heat came up to the main floor. We still have to finish the heating system, but this is how we kept the house warm last winter, while we were working here, and it did a fine job. So, even though we do need to "finish" the heating system, I have no worries about staying nice and warm this winter. AND, we have found that so far, this is an easy house to heat.

One of the many reasons, "why" it's easy to heat, are the windows and doors. In this "new age" of building, everything is about all the "R" rating, and between the insulation and construction of this place, it has a very high rating. We don't even need storm windows - which I still can't get used to the idea of - but, we do need "storm doors". Ed got the first one put on yesterday. Not only is it good for the "heat" reason, but I love the light it brings into the mudroom, and in good weather, it becomes a screen door, so the nice air will come in. Course the cockers love it for "seeing out".. and they have a pretty good view of the farm (and the driveway) to watch over....

Well, it was bound to happen, and it has... sadly, "mini G" has met the fate of the fox. This makes me so mad, but I know I run this risk when I let the birds free range. He didn't come in one night, and the tell tale feathers in the field told the story. I know the fox has to "eat", but he might be eating more than he thinks if we ever have the opportunity to catch him!!!!

This is one of Abbie's birthday presents!!! From Kelli.... everyone knows how much I enjoy cooking the turkeys that we raised... and Kelli found this great little shirt!!!! I think we'll be raising turkeys next year, as I plan to get the ones we have all "cooked up" over the winter. I cooked our biggest one (30 lbs) for Abbie's birthday party, and "he" must have been good, because we weren't left with much "left over". Almost time to cook another!!!!

This is now on my "dangerous place to visit" list (along with my quilting shops, yarn shops and tack shops). A new Tractor Supply store opened about a month ago, not too far from us. "bad,bad news!!!" I have at least gone in once a week...but, must admit, it sure is handy when you need "farm supplies"....

which we did!!! Last Sunday after church, Ed and I expanded the pasture. The big guys have pretty much chewed up everything that was open to them, so we kicked it out again. They have been so happy, and for the past couple of days... the grain is gone, and the hay is left in the stall. They hardly ever go in the barn and are happily munching in the field. Nice for me, it's holding off my hay supply and I enjoy looking out almost any window in the house and seeing them.

Yup... it's fall.... for sure