Sunday, December 04, 2016

the Grand Illumination.....

We had a nice dinner last night in the tavern.. and today is another full day in the city. I can't help but notice that each day the crowds are getting bigger and bigger, and so I have been so happy that we had the past two days with the city not quite so busy. The carriages are never really still... there's always people waiting for their rides, but CW is so good to their horses, and I think they really enjoy the work they do and all the attention they get. For some, this is a rare treat, taking a carriage ride. 

They have all kinds of things going on, which is nice because you can really enjoy the celebrations. We spent the day walking, and did some shopping and eating... and getting ready for the big event tonight. 

By the time for the illumination, the city was pretty much packed. As much as I enjoy this, I had forgotten how the crowds can be, and truly crowds are not my thing. Standing in line for a cup of coffee was it's own event, but then, we remembered that one of the taverns has an outdoor eating place, at least it does in the summer, so we headed there, and not only was it open, but not crowded. And it wasn't so much something to eat, as it was a place to sit. We had pretty much been on our feet all day. We really lucked out when we realized that not only was there a place to sit, but a stage near by with entertainment... the fife and drum corps came and played... then a choir sang, and then another instrumental  went on. It was perfect. 

We also had a good view of the magazine and since the set fireworks off there... we decided to stay put and this is the show that we got to see. Some of the ground fireworks were a little hard to see, but everything that went up was a perfect view.... we were happy to have found this spot. 

and certainly not one bit disappointed with the show.

After the fireworks.. the place clears out pretty quickly... We decided to let the crowd go by. Thank fully we didn't have to deal with the traffic, because I know a lot of the local folks come to see it all. We had more cocoa, and just enjoyed the quiet of it all after everyone left. Even managed a "selfie" in front of the court house. 

Tomorrow we head for home, but that's OK because there is much to celebrate in the days ahead. And I am anxious to be close to home again, with my Dad and all. But it certainly was a great weekend/time, and I know that we will plan on coming again sometime to see another Grand Illumination....