Thursday, March 10, 2011

SD workshop

I have probably stated this a hundred times, but honestly, I just don't know "where the time goes". It seems just days ago, we had our first Maine Chapter service puppy night, and here we are... another one!!! It's scary when I think of it...(time going by so quick that is). Each month I am trying to come up with new ideas for "experiences" for the puppies... this month I asked Ed if he would come in with his fire gear. Fortunately, he is a good sport and not only brought his gear, but an air pack as well. We started out with having the puppies just "check things out".. a couple of sniffs and they were..."big deal.. what's next??"

So, Ed put all the gear on - minus the air pack - and just allowed the puppies to come up and greet him. He had a few cookies in his pockets, just in case, someone was afraid.. but for the most part, they all ran over to say hello.

Then he put on the air pack, and sort of surprisingly to me.. that did make a difference with a few of them. Especially when he breathed in and out of the mask, and allowed the "still alarm" to go off. But the "power of the cookies" usually got the dogs to over come their caution and take the cookies from his hand. It was a neat experience, and who knows when a service dog might need to "handle something like a firefighter in full gear"

We did the "usual" work as well... stays, sits and downs, walk polite. And as you can see, we had a number of "new dogs" join us this month. There were also several folks who said they would be joining us in the months ahead. It makes me happy to see our "service dog community" coming together and learning from one another.

Ginger thought the fireman was way more exciting than her down work!!!!

Teena brought her tunnel for the dogs to play with. Something different and fun, great for building confidence and giving them an interesting item to conquer. But, I loved the way folks got together to talk, making new friends (in some cases) and just enjoying dogs.

Mindy, Rusty and Ginger ... seemed like a good time was had by all..
(and thank you hunny!!!!!)