Monday, February 01, 2010

hello Feb...

Well it's February 1st.. and in some ways, this absolutely thrills me and in other ways.. I am in a panic. Thrilled, because February is such a "short" month and will definitely put us on the back side of winter... and panicked, because there seems to be so much work to do in the house!!! We're making good progress, but June is getting closer.. and we HAVE to be in by June...(if not, well... I don't even want to go there!!!!)

I have a "project" that I have been playing with off and on the past couple of weeks. I thought that you might enjoy hearing about this one.

I met with a dog student last fall, such a great lady with a sweet little dog (who is doing very well with her training) - anyways, after the lesson.. I noticed she had several beautiful quilts around her house. Being a quilter, you know I just had to comment about them. I ended up staying about an hour longer just looking at her beautiful work and talking about quilts. She is very organized and has her "stashes" all neatly put away (quilter envy!!!) and various projects all together.

I noticed one bag sitting there.. and I said to her "You're doing a Grandmother's garden?" She told me not really, that it was a quilt her Mother had begun and it was just sitting there. I made some comment about.. "you should finish that, it's a perfect quilt to do while watching TV" (because its all hand pieced for those of you who may not know).. she laughed and said.. "well, I don't know about that"

A few days later, I got a call from my "new student" checking in with her dog's progress and then she said.. "when you go to teach dog classes on Tuesday night, there is a "package" for you there". I couldn't imagine what she was talking about, but when I arrived to teach.. sitting there was the "bag" that had the quilt in it. She gave it to me, to do!!!! I was honored.

During Christmas time, the quilt just sat, but now that the holidays are done, and I do have a few evenings at home, I have pulled it out and looked it over and have begun to piece it. It's almost queen sized, so I dare say - it's a couple year project, but when it's done.. it will be amazing.. and will look so grand on my bed in the farmhouse. I'll keep you posted on it's progress.....

Ol' man winter is hardly done with us, I know.. but thinking about gardens, things that are green - warm weather, gets me thru.