Thursday, May 01, 2008

foster #4

Happy May Day!!!!

This is "Missy"... our fourth foster dog of 2008!!! She is a three year old cocker spaniel and is the "perfect" dog... I am still trying to figure out why she was given up. It's a little unclear to me, just that I was told... "they didn't have time for her, she required grooming, and she will sometimes submissive pee"...

OK.... so, what's the problem? From the moment she has stepped inside this house, she has been nothing short of a little dream boat.

She LOVES everyone, is quiet, crate trained, and if I didn't already have SIX of my own... she would certainly be a keeper!!!

THANK goodness, there is someone coming to see her this Sunday. Actually, they will be making a decision between Missy and another rescue dog.. Jenni. I think it would be grand if they were both adopted, but... we'll see. Either way, this little girl will go fast...

You can see how "stressed out" she is to be here (that's Sadie's dog, Tatter sitting with her)

Hope I am not encouraging any bad habits!!!. cockers are allowed on the furniture.......

they really aren't "floor dogs: ...if you know what I mean