Thursday, February 24, 2011

golden girl day

Another check in day at NEADS, goodness the months fly by. We go down once a month to check in with Dave and make sure everyone is on track. Ginger and Leo love to go, and some of the gals from the puppy house got to see the two puppies and see how much they have grown.

Dave ran us up to the training room, we took the elevator up and he was pleased to see how well the pups are doing with that (thanks to our trips to the hospital) Then he went thru the "check in list" and I am proud to say that both Leo and Ginger are right where they should be. He gave us some homework lessons, and then we all piled into the van and headed to the local grocery store.

We sat and chatted a bit while Dave observed the puppies around the "traffic" going in and out of the store, how the handled the noise of the shopping carts, and all the people that stopped to admire them.

As you can easily see, both of them thought... "this isn't any big deal"......

But, here's the surprise... the Maine puppy chapter has a new puppy raiser and puppy..... the gal is Bernice and the puppy is Loyalty ("T" for short). He is a four month old St. Poodle.. NEADS uses a number of Standards in their program. Bernice is an experienced "poodle person".. so this is going to be a great match. And the nice(er) thing, Bernice lives close to Kathleen and I, so it's going to be easy to do puppy training together.....

Look out goldens!!! There's a new kid on the block (and I think he can give them a run for their money!!!!!)

Some parting words and advise from Dave... and it was time to head for home. Goodness the day here goes by fast!!!!

Ginger was happy to hop in the car and sit with her "kitty"... she was pretty tired at the end of the day. I forget sometimes that she is just (almost) six months old, and still gets tired!!!!

Course, we can't have a trip without our usual stop for "lunch/supper"... they're so good to us here and the puppies are more than welcomed. So, good day, good fun and another month come and gone. Hopefully when we head down next month, some of "that white stuff" will be melted away.