Thursday, March 29, 2007

future horse?

When I went to Laura's for my lesson this week, I "found" this amazing little baby in her barn. She belongs to one of the boarding folk there, and she is a 10 month old "Gypsy Vanner" - an Irish draft horse.
She is kissing another Vanner - a 5 year old mare,in this picture. I don't know much about them at the moment, I saw them at the Equine Affair last fall, and loved their coloring, size and feathering of the feet. (especially the coloring... have you seen my dogs or cat??)
They're not a huge draft, in the 15 hand range, but their temperment is "puppy dog" for sure!!! I talked with Karen (her owner) about them at great length, and plan on doing some research on them, because I think this is a breed that could easily fit into my future plans...
Either way, there's nothing like a baby... even if it does weigh about 400 lbs!!!!!