Monday, April 09, 2007

"two sparrows"

One of my favorite songs is "two sparrows in a hurricane".. (I forget the singer), but it is about a young couple, starting out in life and then as the song goes on, it tells about the troubles they get thru and how their lives end .... together.

I keep thinking about this song, as I watch Kas and Nate prepare for the next seven months, and I have decided that they are the two bravest people that I will ever know. The world can be hard enough on a newly married couple without having this "here again/gone again" relationship. It is very true that when they married they were well aware of this, and could have chosen to wait awhile, but both felt that it would be much better to handle this as a couple. They are amazing young people. Being here in Jacksonville and around the base, I have seen many young people like them, and I can't believe that they have made these choices.

Last night, several of their friends were here for dinner, and I know that young marines can be "rowdy" sometimes, but when I think of the mature decisions that these young people have made and the difference that they are making in the world, I wonder what I have done to add as much as they have. I hope that my support has helped, maybe not the world, but the people that are making the difference. They all deserve our support, prayers and guidance.

So, as the evening before deployment passes... please keep Nate, and his unit and all our service men and women and your daily thoughts and nightly prayers...... and say thank you to the Good Lord who has allowed you and me to live in the United States.......