Tuesday, July 07, 2009

all hail the chief....

I haven't said too much because it's one of those stories where you "don't know where it was heading", but last night, we have seem to come to it's end...or rather it's beginning.
Last June as we were bringing in the hay that we bought from "Father"--- his son, who is the current fire chief here in town, made a comment to Ed that we must be "really moving into town now". We have owned our land for several years, and have slowly been working on it, Ed joined the fire department even then, and the big question became... "so just when are you moving into town" We always answered, "soon". Well, I guess when you begin to fill your barn with hay and bring animals in, people assume that "soon" is here. Anyways, getting a bit off track of my story.... So, Harold who is the chief here in town, told Ed that he thought he would be getting thru within the year, and it seemed like no one in the department really wanted to the position. Ed made some comment about "when we get into town, he might be just foolish enough to take it on". Life went on from there, Nate got home from Iraq, finished up his time in the Marine corps, the kids moved back home, we packed up and moved... and from there have been working on our new house and getting used to living in a new town. Once in a while, I think Ed thought about this chief thing, but mostly we have been busy with other things.
A couple of weeks ago, Harold let Ed know that he is serious about stepping down from the chief position, and he had taken Ed's words seriously... and he wanted to know if Ed was still interested in stepping into the Fire Chief position. It turned out that one other person was sort of serious, so Harold wanted to present the two names to the membership and let them decide who they wanted in the Chief spot..... they chose last night... and "my" Ed was put into that role!!!!!
After being an Asst. Chief in York for the past 10 years, and having 33 years of experience as a firefighter, there is no doubt that Ed can handle the role. His business side will certainly be a help with the "business" side of the fire department, and the things that will be required from the town's point of view... so I have no worries!!! And to say that Ed isn't excited and honored to be chosen would be lying... he is really quite thrilled.
He doesn't officially begin until September, but in the mean time, he can shadow Harold, and get the feel for the department. As with anything, many things are the same as with any other department, but some things are quite different and Ed wants to be sure that he mulls in with the group. The really neat thing is.. everyone has a "goal" or two in life, and it can be anything from a promotion in your job career, or building your dream house, or visiting somewhere that you have always wanted to see... the point is, when you reach that goal, it's just so amazing... and for my Ed... being a Chief has been one of his goals...
It's been accomplished... and I am extremely proud and pleased for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!