Tuesday, January 31, 2017

And here we are... the last day of January and looking onto another new month. The winter is going by quickly and for the most part has just been an average winter. A good amount of snow, and just everyday life keeping us busy and trekking along. 
I actually got to walk up to the barn this morning... which hasn't been the case for some of the winter.... it has been quite icy under foot and when it gets like that, I run the gator and not walk. I just can't run the risk of taking a fall, and even with my grippies on my shoes, I don't dare try.  I like walking to the barn verses driving up... I like hearing the sounds of the farm and taking those moments just to ponder. 

But, it's also a Tuesday, which means that Livy and I need to get to the school because it's reading dog day. So, I can't fool around too much.... and speaking of fooling around, the horses were in rare form this morning. They were racing about and being so silly, that at first I had wondered if "something" was a muck. Tonka was racing and calling.... which got the little ones going, it was snowing lightly, and turned out to be nothing more than high spirits. 

Tonk's been pretty lonely since the loss of Duke, so, he often spends much of the day hanging out near Denises horses... but with the weather, I really don't like that he does and wish that he would spend more time up at our barn. I guess he knows when he's cold and has had enough, and I could shut the pasture off and keep him there.... however, there is news on the horizon that might change all of this, so for now, I'm just bidding the time. 

Everyone's happy to get their breakfast...

And we say bye bye to January and go on with the next.