Thursday, December 07, 2006

waiting takes forever

On December 3rd, we found ourselves at Camp Lejeune in anxious "wait" for our son-in-law to arrive home. There were a number of other families there, doing the same thing!!! We were kept well informed of when to expect them, but it still seemed like a long time. The cheering that went on when that bus pulled up, was wonderful. Marines poured off the bus!!! and families ran to grab them up and hug and hug them!!! and not let them go!!! (though I have to admit, it took me a little time to find "our" marine... they look alike in their gear, and its hard to spot one from another) But, not so for my daughter, she knew just "which one was her's"!!!! Even little Charlie dog, all dressed up in his "camies" waited very excitely for his "daddy", though his first greeting was not as nice as we hoped!!! Charlie actually barked very mean towards his "daddy" and took a few minutes to sort it all out!!!! But once he did, he didn't want him out of his sight!!!

the marines have landed

After what seemed like an incredible long wait, the "boys" finally arrived!! It's hard to describe the excitement that everyone felt, and you can't even begin to count the number of hugs, tears, and even introductions (ie: new babies!!!) that went on!!! It had to be quite overwhelming for the marines, to go from such a "structured" way of life and thrown back into "real life" must be a bit of a shock. They all looked good, maybe a bit on the thin side, but definitely everyone looked very well. And they were certainly happy to be home to the people they all love so much. We got lots of great pictures, but you could tell the "boys" were very anxious to get going and have time with their families, and yet, a little hard to say "goodbye" to the friends that they had lived with over these past months. They still have a couple of weeks of work, and then a nice leave over the holidays, which will bring "our" two back home.