Sunday, November 25, 2007

found it

Well, it took me two weekends, and a lot of lugging, stacking and planning, but I finally found that piece of wood I had been looking for..... the LAST piece!!!! With Ed working on the barn, I was determined to get this project done myself not only is it great to have all this dry wood put away, but the yard looks so much neater with this big pile up and gone. My little stove is going to be happy this winter, and the couple of nights that I have had it chugging, the house has a nice cozy feeling and the cats are already claiming the bed beside it.

THIS is what I'm talking about.... wood stacked to the ceiling and no room for more. I had to put some of it outside on the deck, but that will be the first pile that I use up.

I don't believe I have told you about the "treasure" we brought home from North Carolina. As we were heading back, we passed a place that has all kinds of cement "critters". Ed was the one that noticed this horse and asked me if I wanted to go back and look at it. I said no because I know that these things can be quite expensive... at least around here they are!!! But, he turned around just the same and we pulled in. Mind you, we had a trailer on the truck because we had towed Nate's truck down, so it wasn't like we didn't have any room!!!! Well, the folks that ran this little shop couldn't have been nicer, they were quite "impressed" that we were from Maine (asked all about our ice and snow!!!!) and I couldn't believe how little they were asking for this fine beast. He is quite large, maybe three feet high, and VERY heavy (they loaded him on the trailer with a fork lift).. but he looks pretty fine under the apple tree and will look even finer up on the farm!!!!

Course what is even funnier, is what the cockers think of him. They are quite certain it is something that must be dealt with.... Moxie went racing out across the drive barking and growling, then she looked rather embarrassed when she figured out he wasn't real.... Trevor is determined to "get him" and Hunter is a bit afraid and won't go near him at all.... wonder what the horses will think of it......