Monday, January 03, 2011

Ol' King Cole...

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that our old sweet Cole has gone on to Rainbow Bridge today. At nearly 17 he certainly had a long life, and up until just the past couple of weeks, a life that was filled with good health and happiness.

He had gone deaf a few years ago, and last winter, he began to loose his sight. I was worried how he would do when we moved into the new house, since he didn't know the lay out of it ahead of time. But, he did just fine and soon got the "feel of it" and went along like he had always lived here.

About a week ago I noticed that he was drinking a lot of water and not moving around so much. Then he began to pick at his food, and even the all time favorite of "rice and chicken" didn't do much to excite him. He still would eat apples though.. he was always crazy about apples... I was pretty worried about him over the holiday weekend, and by Sunday night, I just had "that feeling".. he had stopped eating all together, and wasn't even that excited about apples.... he wanted me to be close by....
This morning, he wasn't "right"... and I knew what needed to happen next. I called the vet.... and we said our goodbyes. Through my tears, I have this wonderful vision of Cole and Moxie greeting each other once again... then going for a good race across God's green fields... and heading to the lake to take a swim together, because the two of them always loved to swim.
He brought great jou to me and I will miss his sweet spirit............Good bye my sweet boy.......`