Friday, March 16, 2007

show dog

Back in February, Moxie was invited to be a "model" dog for the Pet Edge Catalog. They were looking for " a grooming breed of dog... that would be able to hold various grooming items"... since Moxie has been trained to hold/carry almost anything, and is definately a breed that requires grooming.....I replied to the request.

We had great fun at the photo shoot. Moxie was a ham!!! and the trainer and photographer loved working with her!!! In this photo, they needed her to hold a comb. The trainer wasn't so sure she would do it, as combs are all metal and of course have sharp points. But, as you see, holding a comb wasn't any big deal.

She has always liked being the center of attention, and when she was in the height of her show career, the more people that watched her in the ring, or clapped for her performance, the "showier" she became.

At a number of different shows, we would have run-offs to break tied scores with other dogs. I would be so nervous in run-offs, but not Moxie, she loved them, and got better and better everytime in the ring. She has won Highest Scoring Dog in Trail at total of five different times, always winning in a run-off round.

I think her photo(s) will be appearing in the July issue of Pet Edge. They took several of her holding various items, so I am not exactly sure which one will be used. There is also the chance that she will be asked to model again... which of course, we would happily do!!!