Thursday, December 17, 2009

two months...

Yesterday was Abbie's two month "birthday".. and goodness knows where the time has gone. It seems like she has always been with us, and yet, it has been for only such a short time.

She is doing so well... (so is Sadie) she sleeps mostly thru the night and is now taking interest in the things around her. Especially things that move... she watched Titus for the longest time the other night.... and she loves the lights on the Christmas tree.

In keeping with her "theme" Sadie took Tatter and set up for the monthly photo.

Working on "sitting up" here... but still a bit rolly polly in the bum.....

there's that smile that we all like to see!!!!

"poor" Tatter... "why me?"

"why you?.... because you are the best!!!"