Saturday, July 12, 2008

all dressed up......

and some place to go..... The "real" reason that Kas and Nate are home this week, is because their dear friend, Mary, is being married this evening. All these "kids" attended Portsmouth Christian Academy for school.. which at the time, was a small school, so it was easy to become very close friends. But even more so, they have remained close friends in the years since they graduated, and thus Kas and Nate wanting to be at the wedding...

Now, Nate wanted to wear his "dress blues" for this special occasion.. but "because he looks so good" they did ask Mary if she would mind if he wore them... she said no problem, in fact, her Dad is a military man, and he was wearing his dress uniform as well. So there will be some "handsome" men at this wedding..... course, we couldn't let the opportunity of a photo shoot get by us... so we took several good pics of them here at the lake!!!!! Nate has put in a lot of long hard hours to be able to wear this uniform, I hope he is as proud of his accomplishments as we are!!!!!

Before the "kids" got dressed up, we ran down to show them the barn. The last time they saw it, was back in March... when the came home and surprised Ed in the hospital... we still had snow then. Dear Ken was there, getting some painting done as the forecast for Monday is rain... and he wanted to get a jump on it. I couldn't help but get this shot..... look at these three... just standing there watching Ken paint.... you'd think they would have picked up some brushes and helped out!!! (and in case you are confused... this is the back side of the barn... the front is all done!!!!)

Charlie had to "help out" in his own way... he thought he could clean up the saw dust with his ears!!!! Good thing he's a swimming dog, because one jump in the lake got all the fuzzies out of his ears!!!!

So, Dave and Deb have headed home to take care of hungry animals.... Kas and Nate are headed off to the wedding... and Ed is sound asleep in his favorite camp chair...

I am blogging...........................

busy week

It's hard to believe that the weekend is here again (and half way over to boot)... I hardly ever know "where the time goes", but with Kas and Nate home for a visit this week, it has gone faster than usual. We also had a couple of "extras" in the house, as I was watching a couple of Labradoodle puppies that belong to a client of mine.

They had never seen a cat before, so the moment that they arrived, Dancer was a main source of entertainment for them. I don't know how I "lucked" out with her, she is the greatest little cat and from day one, has never let dogs bother her. When we have guest dogs in the house, she introduces herself right from the get go.... and more than not, once the dogs have had a chance to check her out, they don't even think of it again. This is a great experience for dogs that haven't been around cats.... dog training, that I don't have to "do"!!!!

They were "great guests" to boot, such nice puppies and it gave me a chance to get some one on one training in with them...... I am thinking that I will do more "in house" training when we get settled in Acton.... a number of my clients love it when they can board/train all in one... the house right now is a little small to provide that kind of service, but the new house will be better planned out for just this sort of thing!!!!

And speaking of which.... look "who" arrived at the farm this week.... the well driller!!!!! So, we are currently "in search of water".... (actually it's going well ... no pun intended) and by Monday, this will be done.

Living "off a well" is going to be a new experience for me. We have a well at camp, but that's a weekend thing (for the moment)... up until now, I have always had town water!!! Course this is the expensive part, getting the well dug... but once it's in.. there won't be any more "quarterly water bills" to worry about (or sewer bills either for that matter), so that's going to be kind of nice.

This is an impressive machine to watch.. but it's loud!! so you don't' want to stand around (too close) for long. There's a whole science to well drilling... it's quite interesting to say the least. And this well is going to have to meet the needs of both the house and the barn, so Ed and the well man have a "gallons per minute" thing all worked out....glad they know what they're doing, because I don't have a clue.... but to quote a line from one of my favorite movies (Baby Boom).... " I just want to turn the faucet and have water... I don't need to know where it's coming from"!!!!!