Friday, October 30, 2009

two weeks today

And I thought time was already going was too fast, now bring baby Abbie on the scene and I might as well just throw the clock out the window!!! She is two weeks old today, and I can hardly even believe that!!! In her short time on earth, she has already accomplished a great deal.. she's been to church, to the farm, she saw the doctor yesterday, and made her debut at "steak night" last Wednesday evening.

Everyone was so excited and happy to see her, there was a big crowd!!! And - her usual self - she was a good as gold. She (we) is certainly blessed with wonderful people in her life............

by the way... (because some folks have asked) the "residents" of Turkey Manor are in their "new home" (the freezer!!). We did a "test" run with one, and I just have to say... he was mighty good!!!!!!